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ClubLink is a powerful advertising solution that is fully integrated into the golf course’s digital marketing platform produced by Golfgraffix.

Our Advertising platform is ideally suited for local businesses who wish to engage with the valuable ABC1 demographic in their area. Adverts in our ClubLink platfrom reach players on local golf courses by appearing on the club’s Smartphone App, Website Flybys and printed course guide.

Our ClubLink app has on average between 3 and 6 thousand local users. Our web flybys will see on average 3000 unique views per month. ClubLink advertising not only allows you to directly target this affluent demographic of local golfers, but through our messaging and geolocalisation tools allow you to digitally interact with them.

All of our Clublink Advertises receive the following:

  • In App Full page and Banner advert on 1 hole – with click through to website or bespoke message.
  • Geolocalised messaging – send your message to any app user within 100 metres of your premises.
  • 2 x push messages per year – send your message to every app user.
  • Banner Advertising on 3 flybys – In App and on clubs website.
  • 2 x 4 ball tee times per year free of charge.

Read about more about who is using our apps


  • Male: 80%
  • Female: 20%


  • 18 to 39 years: 15%
  • 40-65 years: 70%
  • Over 65 years: 15%

Higher Net Incomes:

  • Average household net income €56,000
  • 37% of households have a net income of €31,000 to €56,000
  • 26% of households have a net income higher than €56,000

Highly Educated:

  • Graduates or Post Graduates: 84%


  • Recommend or approve purchases for their business: 75%

Higher Spenders: (versus Consumer Average)

  • Fly more regularly and spend more than 300% on hotels
  • Invest 350% more in financial services and stocks
  • Drink 200% more of beers & spirits
  • Spend 200% more on luxury jewelry
  • 200% more likely to own a holiday home
  • Purchase more regularly and spend more than 200% on cars
  • Travel further abroad and spend 200% more on their holidays

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