For Designers

3D Visualisation for Course Architects/Designers

Golfgraffix can assist course designers at any stage of the design process providing an opportunity for investors, clients or members to see how a finished hole, or indeed an entire course, will look prior to a single sod being turned. With of our background in CAD design we can easily take all forms of 2D & 3D CAD drawings and convert them into high resolution visually stunning media.

3D Flybys

3D Flybys are a proven tool for showcasing design plans. Our 3D Golf Flybys are produced in full HD at 30 frames per second and offer smooth realistic graphics. We can set the camera at any height, direction and speed, which gives the client full control on how the flyby will look. 3D Flybys can rendered hole by hole or as a full video of the entire course, acting as a true virtual tour of the proposed design.

Strategy Video

Our unique Strategy Video offers course designers a way of demonstrating their design ideas in a clear and concise format that can easily understood. Should a client not fully grasp a design/strategy concept from 2d CAD drawings, our strategy video will present the concept in a clear 3D Video with Voice Over.

In addition to our Strategy Video we can also offer our design customers a fully playable simulation of the design, this simulation can be installed on the customers own PC and will allow them to play all and any holes in full HD as a “Virtual Golfer.

Single Green Flyby

Not every project will require a flyby of all 18 holes, for those smaller remodeling contracts we can build one off green complexes, highlighting new grading, new bunkers or any other feature.

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