GreenKeeper App

For Greenkeepers

CourseMaster App is a mobile map application that enables you to access your course model for offline use. Use your iOS device’s built-in GPS to track your location on the map.

Plot and record information about locations, import and export place marks, measure distance and area, and even plot photos.

You can easily browse to any location on your course, all existing features are pre measured for easy calculations.


GPS Enabled Course Map – Created using the same technlogy we use for our 3D graphics, the course map is fully gps enabled with area data for all Greens, Tees, Bunkers etc.


Measure Area – Not sure the area of your greens? Open the app and measure it easily with the Measure Area tool. You can even share the information by email or Dropbox .


View Sprinkler Heads – Need to kow where all your sprinkler heads are? We can import your existing CAD data or give you the tools to map your own course.


Plot photos -Captured a photo of something on the golf course and wanted to plot it on your map? Simply add the geotagged photo and a placemark will drop in the correct location on your map. It couldn’t be any easier. .


Record your GPS tracks – Want to see how far your machinary has driven? Record your GPS tracks and see exactly where you’ve been. View stats like elevation change and distance traveled on a graph including total time. Like Placemarks, you can add photos and attributes to tracks and export them to KML or GPX.


Courses Changes – Looking to make changes to your course, you can use the app to plot potentilal new green, tees , etc. Use the meaure tool to easily plot new distances and areas.